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“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education alone will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘press on’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.” -John Calvin Coolidge

Photo  It was the Nite Before Christmas, and all through Piquette Square Veteran’s Permanent Housing, 6221 Brush St., Detroit, MI. home for the Homeless Veteran’s.

Not a creature was moving  not even a junk yard dog was barking this day.


The hall ways was decorate ever so nice with the spirit of Christmas in the air, as  Veteran’s inside their Square were making plans for the time of the Season.

Photo                    Photo

My next door neighbor, Earl is no exception as he packs his bags on his way to celabrate the holiday’s with family.


I’ m De Derrick, home along this holiday reading up on the Sunday School Bible story told of Christ that born in a manger this Christmas Day…Luke 2.

Yes, I realize that we live in a material world and the world says Christmas is for the children, I would never won’t to scrooge Christmas out of no child, but let’s not forget the true meaning of Christmas, is Christ, the Savoy of the world.

Earl, asked me if I would watch and feed the kids while he would be away, and who in their right mind would won’t leave the kids home alone…for a week and a half…oh no!

Not my good neighbor Earl, so I accepted the responsible of watching and feeding the kids.

You know now days you got to be careful who you leave your children with.


I went next door for the final briefing and feed instruction of the fish…Earl Children’s 30 of them….LOL… I hope you didn’t think I was going to sit with some kids, oh no, I’m not that good nature.

These were no ordinary school of fish or even gold fishes their called convicts, because of their stripe’s.


As I set on the edge of the bed watching Earl feed the Convicts, I was simple at awe top see how quickly and aggressively the Convicts swim to the top of the tank to eat.

Earl inform me to feed them every other day, you count on me Big Daddy and have happy holiday’s and we will see you when you return home to your children’s and Piquette Square.

De Derrick writer and Blogger..313.623.3909

De Derrick writer and Blogger..313.623.3909

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De Derrick Guest

Piquete Square own De Derrick, USAF

 Hair Stylist/Barber/Blogger

 @ Mel’s Salon & Associate’s, 6080 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mi.

 De Derrick, The Hair Fighter, will be the in-house guest on the Hair Wars Internet around the World Hair Show

7:00 pm

November 5, 2014

 The show is an hour of hot flair in Hair Styles and cool Hair entertainment that can only be seen on Hair Wars…this is a FREE “mini” Hair show.


Go to and click on the live broad cast button… and enjoy the show.

De Derrick past Blog writings:

The Character



Definition of CHARACTER. 1: capable of portraying an unusual or eccentric personality often markedly different from the player <a character actor>

PhotoWere just 2 Character’s… you and I, and me and you…Character’s, victims of the way the world feels, or thinks the way that we should live our life’s today.

Having Fun in life, laughing at our self’s, Love and Caring of others and always taking time in acknowledging God in all our affairs.

PhotoYes!, at times we are 2 Characters… so, what do you say?

We like to thank God Plan His Purpose in us to perform this way having us original in our own unique way.

 Having Fun in life, laughing at our self’s, Love and Caring of others and always taking time to acknowledging God in all our affairs.

PhotoMeet, Retired Staff Sergeant Anthony Bradley, character!


PhotoI’m De Derrick, Hair Stylist/Barber/Blogger, Mel’s Salon & Associate’s, 6080 Woodward Ave. Detroit, Mi.

Two Character’s at least that’s what the people say… so, what do you say?Photo

Anthony and I share a common square of interest in living conditions @ Piquette Square, Veteran Permanent Housing for the Homeless Veteran’s, 6221 Brush St., Detroit, Mi.

Anthony is my next door neighbor and we as friends and will never see eye to eye on everything, but! We come together and agree on this:

 Having Fun in life, laughing at our self’s, Love and Caring of others and always taking time to acknowledging God in all of our affairs.

Some folks, call us crazy, some call us not so crazy…what do you say?

We say, were just two 2 Character’s having fun with life today.

Because of our Character and Faith based on Jesus Christ and were wanted by Satan society to seek out to kill, steal and destroy our Character.

But, Satan you can’t have us for were covered by the blood and were soul out to the Greatest Charter of them all Jesus Christ Super Star.

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Annie…. The Tony Award Winning Production.

Broadway in Detroit @ the Fisher Bldg. 3011 W. Grand Boulevard, Detroit, MI.

Sunday morning, boy! I’m I tried.

I thank God for His Grace and Mercy, but I needed some rest, to do laundry and clean up my Living Area @ The Square.

I can’t take it any longer…so this is between me and my God, that, has already forgiven me because I didn’t make it to church…I’m just keeping it real.

My morning began  in Praise to our God while having breakfast with a friend and next door neighbor, Retired Staff Sergeant, Anthony Bradley as we do every morning in fellowship @ Piquette Square Veteran Housing for the Homeless Veteran 6221 Brush St. Detroit, Mi.Photo

After breakfast we decided to go outside for some fresh air and we walked over to our Veteran Newly Dedicated Park.

PhotoJust after we took a Selfie the phone rang…It’s my barber Sun Shine, inviting me to Annie.Photo

Sun Shine had some front row tickets that were given to her from one of the cast members of the play after she styled their hair.

Oh Boy! My first thought, was, it’s been some time since I been to the theater but, I have so much on my plate today with the cleaning and laundry and the fact that I didn’t make it church…but it’s been years and some decade’s since I had a chance to go to the theater.

Thinking things over quickly in my mind… I answered yes, and we schedule to meet @ The Fisher Bldg. @ 1:00 pm.

Perfect time, this would give me time to rest and clean up a little before curtain time.

The time now is 1:00 pm, I’ve just arrived at fisher Building and just as I glance over my shoulder I see Sun Shine approaching…perfect timing the door were just about to close and will not open until the second half.

The ushers escorts us to our seats Front Row, I made add… I felted very proud as I walked with my head high representing, alone with Sun Shine that was also looking very nice for the evening event.

Together we two of a kind lost in the crowd with front row seats.

The house lights began to dim as the logo Annie shined upon the curtains, for a split second my mind was in play for a movie, but this is the theater and act 1 was just beginning as the orchestra played from the pit under the stage with the top of the conductors head and shoulder’s was all I could see.

PhotoAnnie is about a girl’s orphan age in New York during the winter of 1922, and Annie runs away to look for her parent that drop her on the door steps of the orphan. The play is set, during the New Deal time while President Roosevelt was in office.

There’s much more to talk about the Music Annie but I wouldn’t want to spoil the Happy Ending.

Annie is a real must see production, where the stage comes to Life and filled with Song, music and dance.

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Hair Wars Internet Show



Wednesday night was the first time  viewing The Hair Wars Around the World Internet Show.

The Best of De Derrick, Love, Peace and Hair Grease...

The Best of De Derrick, Love, Peace and Hair Grease…

I’m De Derrick Hair Stylist/Barber/blogger, Mel’s Salon 6080 Woodward Ave. Detroit, Michigan…I grew up on the Hair Wars stage and will be so ever grateful for the opportunity that Hair Wars offers any Stylist eager to perform.

Hair Wars stage production in Hair, Fashion and Entertainment.

It was my stepping stone into entertaining bring out the best in me and I love every part and excitement of whole  concept behind the War on Hair.

Lights, cameras, the Action of Keith @ The Beauty Village...

Lights, cameras, the Action of Keith @ The Beauty Village…

Hair Wars has given Stylist’s the Opportunity to show their Stuff on the runway, Advertise and Market our skills in the Styling of Hair.

Hump the Grinder, is moving forward and doing what every Great commander would do in any hair battle, straps on your wig, tighten up and ride the wave of style and keep it moving…”If you are going through hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill

The Hair Wars has now stretched it’s forces across the ocean into Europeans Hair Designer…by introducing hair stylist’s from Denmark.

I’ve travel on tour with Hair Wars in the past,  and I traveled as far as California with the Hair Wars Tour crossing the stage performing as The Super Hair Fighter.

The 1 hour internet program was very interesting and held my attention with history and News of the Hair Industry…a sort of a mini Hair Show with clippings of pasted Hair Wars runway performance in the entertainment of hair.

Look @ Keith work that Hair...

Look @ Keith work that Hair…

I was excited to see Keith Matthews Owner/Hair Stylist @ The Beauty Village, 20442 Plymouth, Detroit, MI., 313.838.5178.

Sporting a black pin stripe suit and cool as a cucumber as he spoke…one thing I can say about this man, is that he’s a Sharpe dresser .

The Group still shot...runway action non stop...

The Group still shot…runway action non stop…

Keith, did a wonderful job in reveling secrets of his fantasy wigs style tips…keep that hair moving Keith and I’ll see you at the next Hair Wars.

One of the hardest working man in the Hair Industry....

One of the hardest working man in the Hair Industry….

The show also highlighted hair styles from the past, present, and future.

History was made in the making of hair the day the Hair Wars Styling team…celebrating our home team Tiger’s winning the world Series with a hairy exposition in hair style and to hear about Hump’s ball park experience…such as the throwing out the first pitch…Hump stated, that he thought this honor was reserved for presidents…

but you are El Presidente of Hair Wars

Hump, you deserve every pitch that you have thrown for..

Hair Wars, keep fighting the Battle


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Hey, Joe! what do you know???

Well…I’m glad you asked…check this out…

PhotoYo- Town Record Detroit’s Hottest Music Producer, 1King Joseph/Writer/Artist/Producer (Joey) 313.728.6238


Joe, also Army Veteran and friend live together with other Veteran’s @ Piquette Square Housing for the Homeless Veteran, 6221 Brush St., Detroit, MI. were the Veteran have a new start on live through personal development.

Hair Stylist/Barber/Blogger/Web Designer 313.623.3909 Designer/Veteran USA

Hair Stylist/Barber/Blogger/Web Designer 313.623.3909 Designer/Veteran USA

 I’m De Derrick, Hair Stylist/Barber/Blogger; Mel’s Salon & Associate’s 6080 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mi. and have been acquainted with Joe for over a year while living @ Piquette Square.

I admired Joe from day one, I’ve have always enjoyed sharing internet marketing plans, ideas, tips  that will help in expanding business while on the internet.

Joe is a man of faith and belief, trusting not in man but trusting only in God.

Stepping out of the Square and into a box of his own unique way of his own giving Joe a different sound in music that’s getting heard thought the New Center Area.

I love your energy Joe in conducting of your Business, don’t ever stop, slow down, surrender or give in…only resting in the comfort or our God.

De Derrick’s Past Blogs Readings

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De Derrick writer and Blogger..313.623.3909

De Derrick writer and Blogger..313.623.3909





Hartford Memorial Dinner


Check, check and double check...

Check, check and double check…

Quest who’s coming to serve dinner?

No, not Sidney Poitier, 1968, American comedy drama, with Spencer Tracy and Katharine Heckburn.

My Home Sweet Home...

My Home Sweet Home…

 The Hartford Memorial Baptist Church, working in their Minister of service, feeding 150 unit’s of men and women of Veteran’s of Piquette Square Permanent Housing for the Homeless Veteran, 6221 Brush St. Detroit, MI.

Yes!! Sir..Hartford Memorial is serving dinner @ 5:00 pm to a bunch of hungry men and women that has served our country proudly and now Hartford Memorial is proudly is serving the Piquette Square Dinner faithfully.

 Hi..I’m De Derrick USAF Veteran, Hair Stylist/Barber/Blogger, Mel’s Salon & Associate’s 6080 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI.

I’ve looking forward to this festive day ever since I noticed it on our calendar of events at the Square were I’m a tenet.

 Today is the day! and now it’s here…hallelujah and Praise.

No to cooking tonight a Hartford Dinner, what a delight.

Last year, was my first close encounter with the church members.

I had just move into the Square, and Hartford Memorial was serving dinner.

At the time I was new to the Square and thought this was a kind jester of service for the men and women that served our Country.

I’ve visited Hartford on an occasion…I believe it was a wedding but after this second feast I will call the church and make arrangements for Praise and Worship Services.

Read your Bible Daily..Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth

Read your Bible Daily..Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth

I’m so thankful that the church takes time out of their busy schedule to feed a Veteran…God Bless Hartford Memorial Baptist Church.

Before, I go any further with this Blog, or even think of sitting down to eat before I give thanks, for Grace and Mercy for this day and I’m  so ever Grateful for my profession as a Hair Stylist/Blogger.

Follow me… while the Hartford Dinner is being prepared, as I walk you through 1 day in the Life Style of a Hair Stylist/Blogger.

9:00 am… A walk in, I’m glad I’m on duty.

It was one of my regulars, I worked him in and he appreciated the short notice call, I was here in scoring potion…even through my next appointment would be at 2:00 am I always start my day off at 9:00 am.

After the hair cut, I had a chance to go over my Blog notes and Internet Business, and styled my hair for this evening for  Dinner Tonight.

12:45 am…Lunch time 

 Coby, the salon shampoo girl, birthday was today…I ate enough but I was holding back and holding out for the Hartford Dinner.

2:00 pm… I like to introduce Gail

Photo PhotoPhoto Photo

 Gail, a long time client, that enjoys the easy of a short cut and curl shampoo/condition and that’s a wrap.

4:30 pm…, Last and finial cut before dinner, meet Denzel PhotoDenzel is a bright and upcoming student, studying in Math and holds a grade point average that has given him recognition and awards…he also has some award-winning waves.


5:15 pm… Now that the work is done I’m now at the Square with the Dinner table set for The Vet’s.

PhotoMy next door neighbor, Big Daddy Earl was all ready in potion, and was throwing down but pause for a moment before Grace.Photo

PhotoThe dinner table was set for a feast, and along with a desert  table that added a sweet touch for this Dinner…and to have so many Ladies that offer their time in the ministry of service, serving  Veteran’s at their home front.. God is smiling on you and I salute you.Photo

I meet up with the men out side on the Patio Square.

I ask them about the Praise and Worship service and informed them of my feeling of Worship and they a sure me that I would enjoy the services.

Last word: Personally, I thank God and the Church in may own personal way.

I also signed, the thank you card form the Piquette Vet’s @ The Square to the church.

Love, Peace and Hair Grease, De Derrick